Monday, August 4, 2008: 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall CD, Midwest Airlines Center
PS 11 - Plant-Insect Interactions
Choosiness in rolled-leaf beetles: Both leaf age and leaf configuration affect colonization by the specialist herbivore Cephaloleia fenestrata (Chrysomelidae: Hispinae)
Alexander J. Forde, Carleton College, Jenna E. Forsyth, Carleton College, Mark J. McKone, Carleton College, Jannel L. Anderson, Carleton College, Clare E. Kazanski, Carleton College, Mark D. Luterra, Carleton College
Nutrient-modulated defensive mutualism: Herbivore resistance in two endophyte-infected grasses
Nicholas Marra, Hope College, Thomas L. Bultman, Hope College, Terrence J. Sullivan, Hope College, David J. Gonthier, University of Toledo, Kenneth Brown, Hope College, Adam Eidson, Hope College
Ecological speciation in a multi-trophic context: Goldenrods, gall midges, and parasitoids
Brenda L. Wells, Wright State University, Seth T. Jenkins, Wright State University, John O. Stireman III, Wright State University
Top-down impacts on insect herbivores: Bird and spider predation on temperate forest caterpillars
Timothy E. Farkas, Wesleyan University, Kailen A. Mooney, University of California at Irvine, Michael S. Singer, Wesleyan University
Causes of variation in damage by folivores: The roles of ecosystem productivity and habitat complexity
Shubha Shrestha, Wichita State University, Francis L. Russell, Wichita State University
An analysis of scopal hair variation in specialist bees (Emphorini: Apidae)
Sara E. Murphy, Southern Illinois University, Sedonia D. Sipes, Southern Illinois University
Ecological determinants of polyphagy by an insect herbivore (Hyphantria cunea, Arctiidae)
Peri A. Mason, Wesleyan University, Kevi C. Mace, Wesleyan University, Michael S. Singer, Wesleyan University
Dissimilar asymmetries in a coevolutionary network: Beetles, palms, and squirrels in the Bolivian lowlands
Laurel Young, Saint Louis University, Rodrigo S Rios, Saint Louis University, Gerardo R. Camilo, Saint Louis University
Undergraduate research and the two-year college: A population-level and interclonal study of the stem-galling fly Eurosta solidaginis
Craig A. Longtine, North Hennepin Community College

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