PS 9 Education: Community-Based Learning

Monday, August 3, 2009: 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall NE & SE, Albuquerque Convention Center
Evaluating experiential education through an intertidal ecology field trip
Kate Lowry, Stanford University - SEEDS; Cynthia Wilber, Stanford University; Rodolfo Dirzo, Stanford University
Introducing ecological concepts into a nursing program in western Oklahoma
Carol S. Kish, Southwestern Oklahoma State University; Peter A. Kish, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
The TREE Program: Bringing ecological research to local students
Jeramie T. Strickland, Iowa State University; Lori Neuman-Lee, Iowa State University; Shannon Thol, Iowa State University; Fredric Janzen, Iowa State University
Maintaining diversity at the wastewater treatment facility: using undergraduate science classes to approach local issues
Nicole Lowen, Carthage College; Kara Lewandowski, Carthage College; Stephanie Herte, Carthage College; Ray DeVries, Carthage College; Tracy B. Gartner, Carthage College
Protecting ecological resources and providing environmental education through the Natural Areas Program, Fort Collins, Colorado
David A. Pillard, AECOM Environment; Susan Schafer, City of Fort Collins; Sue Kenney, City of Fort Collins; Zoe Whyman, City of Fort Collins
Providing links between laboratory and real world understandings of ecology: interactive science programs at Biosphere 2
Ashley L. Wiede, University of Arizona; Matt Adamson, University of Arizona; Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, University of Arizona; Travis E. Huxman, University of Arizona
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