Tuesday, August 7, 2007 - 10:10 AM

SYMP 5-8: SEEDS and science outreach and education in American Samoa

Dr. Karolyn Braun, American Samoa Community College and Milton Manase, American Samoa Community College.

The SEEDS environmental club at the American Samoa Community College plays a vital role in the community and within the college itself by raising public awareness of the value and functioning of the coral reef ecosystem through education and community extension/outreach. The SEEDS club promotes student/instructor interaction, student learning, extension work, and public education on the marine environment. SEED students are given internship opportunities, student research options and research assistantships with various agencies within the territory and off island. The club activities are designed to assist in the development of an educated community that will make significant contributions to the territory. This presentation will highlight the clubs activities with emphasis placed on the Island Ecology Comparison Field work in which a special project grant from the Ecological Society was received.