Thursday, August 9, 2007: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
A2&7, San Jose McEnery Convention Center
SYMP 20 - Advancing ecological function in managed ecosystems: Restoring, revealing, and re-inventing the landscape
The theme is to explore novel approaches for integrating sound ecological practices with innovative design approaches to improve the ecological integrity of managed ecosystems. Focusing the symposium on the overlap of design and ecology will provide a rich forum for discussion. The goals of the symposium are to: 1) build on the historically rich practice of ecological design and develop new criteria for analyzing good ecological design; 2) explore cutting edge research strategies and best management practices; 3) discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of the required multidisciplinary collaborations necessary to integrate research into the development of managed ecosystems; and 4) articulate new criteria for sustainable long-term approaches. A major agenda for the symposium is to explore how landscape architecture, engineering, planning, and social sciences can inform ecological research. More rigorous and long-term research of ecological processes and patterns is necessary to evaluate the ecological impacts of the various developments occurring in managed landscapes. This is particularly the case in order for governments and citizens to make responsible decisions regarding quality urban revitalization, brownfield regeneration, fate of at-risk species, and other potential impairments to ecological integrity. Speakers for the symposium represent a multidisciplinary group of ecologists, landscape architects, planners, and sociologists who have been involved in studies of managed landscapes. Ecosystem properties including nutrient flux, vegetation patterns, and temperature will be explored through designs of urban environments, agroecosystems, green buildings, larger managed systems, and restored land. With this outstanding group of speakers, we will be drawing from the true leaders in the field to better understand how to apply ecological principles in designing our environments.
Organizer:Sarah Taylor Lovell, University of Vermont
Co-organizer:Alex Felson, EDAW - New York
Moderator:Harold Balbach, US Army ERDC
1:30 PMAdvancing ecological function in managed ecosystems: An introduction
Sarah Taylor Lovell, University of Vermont
1:40 PMRigorous research methods applied to large-scale urban infrastructure projects
Alexander J. Felson, EDAW - New York
2:00 PMMeasuring ecological services in built environments
Marty Matlock, University of Arkansas, Eric Cummings, University of Arkansas, Kyle Kruger, University of Arkansas, Robert Morgan, University of Arkansas, Paige Shurgar, University of Arkansas
2:20 PMEcological design: Investigating the aesthetic language of ecological function
Joan Iverson Nassauer, University of Michigan
2:40 PMBreak
2:50 PMEcological design: An oxymoron
Douglas Johnston, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3:10 PMManaging urban forest disturbance: Ecological design for the people and the environment
MaryCarol R. Hunter, University of Michigan
3:30 PMRehabilitation vs. restoration of urban rivers: The Menomonee Valley and the Los Angeles River as case studies
William Wenk, Wenk Associates, Inc.
3:50 PMThe future significance of ecological design
John Todd, University of Vermont
4:20 PMPanel Discussion

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