Saturday, August 4, 2007: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Guadalupe, San Jose Marriott
WK 2 - The California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM): A tool for assessing the condition of wetland restoration projects
Wetland restoration managers are constantly challenged to meet their information needs with regard to ambient (regional) and site-specific assessment of wetland condition. Rapid wetland assessment, with ongoing calibration through intensive monitoring at selected sites, is the most cost-effective way to meet this need. In response to this need, the USEPA funded a three-year statewide effort to develop the California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) to provide information about the condition of a wetland and the stressors that affect that wetland. CRAM applies to all major wetland classes throughout California’s coastal watersheds and is mainly intended for cost-effective ambient monitoring and assessment that can be performed on different scales, ranging from an individual wetland, to a watershed, or a larger region. CRAM can be used to assess restoration projects relative to ambient condition and to set restoration goals within a regional context. Since its official release in June 2006, State and Federal agencies are developing programs and policies for implementation of CRAM to a range of ambient and project monitoring. This one-day workshop is intended to provide an introduction and overview to CRAM and its potential applications to the restoration profession. The workshop will be conducted by members of the technical team that developed CRAM and will include both classroom and field elements. The workshop will be useful to regulators, scientists, consultants, and land managers who have a need to evaluate wetland condition for any of their programs.
Organizer:Adam Wiskind, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Speakers:Ross Clark, California Coastal Commission
Josh Collins, San Francisco Estuary Institute
Eric Stein, S. Ca. Coastal Water Research Program

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