Thursday, August 9, 2007: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
B1&2, San Jose McEnery Convention Center
WK 25 - Climate change mitigation with an emphasis on the development of the forestry clean development mechanism (presented in Spanish)
Climate change is a reality and there is scientific proof to support this statement(UNFCCC 2003). As a political response to this problem, a protocol was created as part of the Kyoto Protocol to achieve the last objective of the United Nations Marco Convention on Climate Change--stabilizing the greenhouse gas emmissions (GGE) at a level that is not dangerous for the environment. The protocol helps industrialized countries meet their obligations to reduce the 1992 average GGE levels by 5.2% and allows the countries that do not reduce their emissions to use one of three flexibility mechanisms. One of these is the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This mechanism offers industrial countries the opportunity to pay energy and forestry projects carbon bonds or credits in exchange for emission permissions for the industrialized countries. Projects under the forestry CDM have a complex structure, with one of the principal problems being that it is difficult to demonstrate project additionality and land eligibility (Kyoto lands). These topics are discussed in the session by presenting examples of current projects for energy and forest project ideas, as well as valid projects at the Latin American level. One such project, the Forma Project, is part of the Global Change Department at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) and is one of the projects carried out under the climate change mitigation topic. The Forma Project provides technical assistance for developing methodology, financial support, development of design tools which are appropriate for forestry projects and bio-energy and guides about key topics for developing the projects, and systemization of lessons learned. This session will provide examples of institutions responsible for facilitating support for developing forestry/reforestation projects and bio-energy under the Kyoto Protocal’s Clean Development Mechanism.
Organizer:Raquel Argüello, CATIE, CR

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