Saturday, August 4, 2007: 2:00 PM
Lower Level Lobby, San Jose McEnery Convention Center
FT 4 - Bats of Pinnacles National Monument
The unique geologic formations that make Pinnacles National Monument a scenic destination in Californiaís central coast also make it home to a diversity of local bat species. As many as 16 bat species are known to occur within the Monument, including the largest and smallest bats in North America. Join bat biologists Winifred Frick and Paul Heady to survey for bat species in the Monumentís core riparian habitats nestled in towering rock canyons. The field trip will include information on local bat ecology, conservation issues for bats in California, and methods and techniques for studying wild bat populations. The field trip departs San Jose Convention Center with enough time for participants to hike and enjoy Pinnacles National Monument during afternoon daylight. After the hike, we will convene for a discussion of local habitat use by bats and the challenges of studying cryptic, nocturnal, flying animals as we set up for our survey activities. The real fun will begin at dusk when we will conduct mist-net surveys to capture bat residents of the Monument. We will conduct mist-net surveys for bats over stream habitats from sunset until 9:30 pm allowing participants to see as many as 10 different species in the hand. Participants will not be allowed to handle animals, but will be able to assist in other survey activities and data collection. We will use acoustic monitoring techniques to listen for bat echolocation calls and discuss how echolocation works and how we can use it to better understand the foraging ecology of and habitat use by bats. Photographing bats will be allowed. This is a rare chance to see a special group of mammals in the hand and learn more about their unique ecology. Pinnacles National Monument can be hot and sunny in the summer, however, participants will need a warm layer as the central coast can get chilly at night, a flashlight (headlight preferable), sturdy walking shoes, and a good attitude. This trip is suitable for children who can tolerate the late hours. Bats at Pinnacles National Monument
Organizers:Winifred F. Frick, Oregon State University
Paul A. Heady III, Central Coast Bat Research Group

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