Monday, August 6, 2007: 9:00 AM-1:30 PM
Lower Level Lobby, San Jose McEnery Convention Center
FT 14 - Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment
This field trip will travel to nearby Stanford Universitys Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. It will include a demonstration tour of several components of Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment: a field experiment, now in its ninth year, which examines the response of grassland to four global environmental changes in a full factorial design; a 3-factor experiment conducted in mesocosms; and particular studies of ecosystem physiology. We will divide the visitors into 5-7 groups and have them rotate through components of our field experiment, where we will demonstrate techniques (e.g. continuous monitoring of net ecosystem gas exchange, measurement of spectral vegetation indices, etc.). This nine-year experiment is the only multi-year field experiment that has examined the effects of four global environmental changes in a full-factorial design. The study has yielded a number of important scientific results such as constraints on NPP responses to global environmental changes, additive and non-additive effects of global change factors, and responses ranging from biodiversity to biogeochemistry. Wear sturdy shoes for walking short distances on flat but uneven ground. Expect hot, sunny weather in the valley bring sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. This field trip is not suitable for children. Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment Phosphorus limitation of ecosystem responses to global change Whole-system gas exchange of the Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment
Organizer:Nona R. Chiariello, Stanford University

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