Wednesday, August 6, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
201 A, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 56 - Nitrogen Cycling I
8:00 AMHighway emissions reduce nitrogen fixation in boreal forests
Thomas H. DeLuca, The Wilderness Society, Michael Gundale, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Olle Zackrisson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
8:20 AMBroad-scale patterns of ecosystem nitrogen stocks and soil nitrogen availability in post-fire lodgepole pine ecosystems
Erica A.H. Smithwick, The Pennsylvania State University, Daniel M. Kashian, Wayne State University, Michael G. Ryan, USDA-Forest Service, Monica G. Turner, University of Wisconsin- Madison
8:40 AMA surprising diversity and frequency of cyano-bryo associations in a boreal forest
Shana L. Ederer, University of Wisconsin at Madison
9:00 AMδ15Nitrogen in tree rings of temperate forest trees: Indicators of past disturbance
Pamela H. Templer, Boston University, Linda H. Pardo, USDA Forest Service, Susan Wheatley, Boston University, Michele Rolph, Boston University, Channing McLaurin, Jackson State University, Timothy J. Fahey, Cornell University, Thomas G. Siccama, Yale
9:20 AMInfluence of plant communities on denitrification in a tidal freshwater marsh of the Potomac River, USA
Kristine N. Hopfensperger, Colgate University, Sujay S. Kaushal, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Stuart E.G. Findlay, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Jeff C. Cornwell, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMInteractive effects of winter warming and nitrogen deposition on temperate ecosystem soil nitrogen dynamics
Michelle Turner, University of Western Ontario, Hugh A. L. Henry, University of Western Ontario
10:10 AMA new view of nitrogen saturation based on experimental fertilization in an oak forest
Gary M. Lovett, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
10:30 AMNitrogen fixation accelerates phosphorus cycling rates under elevated carbon dioxide
Benjamin Z. Houlton, University of California, Davis, Peter M. Vitousek, Stanford University, Christopher B. Field, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Michael Alyono, Carnegie Institution of Washington
10:50 AMN dynamics of wooden dowels in the long-term intersite decomposition experiment (LIDET)
Hua Chen, University of Illinois at Springfield, Mark E. Harmon, Oregon State University, Becky Fasth, Oregon State University
11:10 AMHow does nitrogen deposition affect heathland recovery following a major fire?
Sally Power, Imperial College, London

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