Tuesday, August 5, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
103 AB, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 18 - Climate Change and Plants I
8:00 AMResponse of the mean global vegetation distribution to interannual climate variability
Michael Notaro, University of Wisconsin-Madison
8:20 AMLong-term changes in a range margin steppic plant community: The role of climate and the response of community composition and spatial pattern
Rob W. Brooker, The Macaulay Institute, Silvia Matesanz, C.C.M.A.-C.S.I.C., Fernando Valladares, C.C.M.A.-C.S.I.C., Colin Beale, The Macaulay Institute, Stefan Klotz, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
8:40 AMAssessing recent climatic changes within the contiguous United States
Evan H. Girvetz, University of Washington, Peter Kareiva, The Nature Conservancy, Joshua J. Lawler, University of Washington
9:00 AMHave 55 years of climate change affected serpentine and non-serpentine plant communities differently?
Ellen I. Damschen, Washington University, Susan P. Harrison, University of California, Davis
9:20 AMWhere will all the flowers go? Climate change and the global distribution of plant diversity
Jan Henning Sommer, University of Bonn, Gerold Kier, University of Bonn, Holger Kreft, University of Bonn, Jens Mutke, University of Bonn, Walter Jetz, University of California, San Diego, Wilhelm Barthlott, University of Bonn
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMMultifactor climate change: Divergence in plant community composition drives changes in soil ecosystem functioning
Paul Kardol, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Aimée T. Classen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:10 AMChanges of growing season length and soil thermal regimes in Alaskan boreal forests
Jinyun Tang, Purdue University, Qian Lai Zhuang, Purdue University
10:30 AMInfluence of climate change factors on emergence, growth, and survivorship of woody seedling establishment in a constructed old-field community
Courtney E. Campany, University of Tennessee, Richard J. Norby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Aimee T. Classen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:50 AMImpacts of changing climate on pinyon pine (P. edulis) growth in southeastern Utah - CANCELLED
Nichole N. Barger, University of Colorado, Connie Woodhouse, University of Arizona
11:10 AMThe effect of long-tem exposure to elevated CO2 on NO and NH3 efflux from Mojave Desert soils
Carmody K. McCalley, Cornell University, Jed P. Sparks, Cornell University

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