Tuesday, August 5, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
201 B, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 26 - Invasion: Community Effects I
8:00 AMEffect of removal of Hesperis matronalis (dame’s rocket) on forest understory vegetation
Stacey A. Leicht-Young, US Geological Survey, Noel B. Pavlovic, US Geological Survey, Krystalynn J. Frohnapple, US Geological Survey, Ralph Grundel, US Geological Survey
8:20 AMBiotic resistance to cheatgrass and spotted knapweed invasion in a ponderosa pine savanna: Mechanisms behind contrasting patterns
Kerry L. Metlen, The University of Montana, Ragan M. Callaway, The University of Montana
8:40 AMCauses and consequences of stream bank invasions by Japanese knotweed
Joshua H. Ness, Skidmore College, E. Kenison, Skidmore College, P. Leipzig-Scott, Skidmore College, Ma Morales, Williams College
9:00 AMAssessing the effects of Amur honeysuckle control on native plant communities in southwest Ohio
Richard L. Boyce, Northern Kentucky University
9:20 AMDistinguishing between the direct impacts of plant invasion and invasion induced changes in plant diversity: A test with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Stephanie N. Kivlin, University of California, Irvine, Christine V. Hawkes, University of Texas at Austin
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMComparing invasive and native ant interactions with a native extrafloral nectary plant
Lori Lach, Murdoch University, Richard J Hobbs, Murdoch University, Jonathan D. Majer, Curtin University of Technology
10:10 AMEffects of removing the non-native, Erodium cicutarium, on a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem
Danielle D. Ignace, University of Arizona, Peter Chesson, University of Arizona
10:30 AMRoot enzymes of grasses in the genus Bromus: A case of “novel defense” in invasive plants?
Claus Holzapfel, Rutgers University, David Kafkewitz, Rutgers University
10:50 AMBig invasion, little effect: Plant community in undisturbed wetland shows little response to exotic shrub invasion
Jason E. Mills, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, James A. Reinartz, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Gretchen A. Meyer, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Erica B. Young, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
11:10 AMDoes Microstegium vimineum reduce native plant diversity? Results of a path analysis
J. Stephen Brewer, University of Mississippi

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