Thursday, August 7, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
104 D, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 98 - Invasion: Dynamics and Population Processes
1:30 PMThe influence of small-scale environmental factors on early stages of Microstegium vimineum (Japanese stiltgrass) population growth
Andrea N. Nord, The Pennsylvania State University, David A. Mortensen, The Pennsylvania State University
1:50 PMTen years of Acer platanoides and Acer saccharum seedling bank dynamics: Masting, growth, and survival
Sara L. Webb, Drew University, Rema Hazuri, Drew University, Lucy Rubino, University of Missouri - Columbia, Tiffany Mauro, U.S. Department of Agriculture (APHIS-PPQ), Elena Tartaglia, Rutgers University
2:10 PMEnemy release and plant invasion: Patterns of leaf damage and defensive allocation in Hawai‘i
Jennifer L. Funk, Chapman University, Heather L. Throop, New Mexico State University
2:30 PMClonal integration facilitates the proliferation of smooth brome clones invading northern fescue prairies
Rafael Otfinowski, University of Manitoba, Norm C. Kenkel, University of Manitoba
2:50 PMFacilitation of an invasive plant by native shrubs
Alden B. Griffith, University of California, Michael E. Loik, University of California
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMNile perch and cichlids in Lake Victoria: Does fishing on prey promote predator invasion?
Reinier Hille Ris Lambers, Wageningen IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies), Kees Goudswaard, Wageningen IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies), Adriaan Rijnsdorp, Wageningen IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies), Marten Scheffer, Wageningen University
3:40 PMVariable impacts of an invasive marine predator on a threatened native prey: The role of non-linear species interactions
Eric R. Buhle, NOAA Fisheries Service, Kathleen D. Henson, University of Washington
4:00 PMIndirect effects of an invasive grass via its associated soil on populations of a coexisting native plant
Adrianna A. Muir, University of California, Davis, Anna Deck, University of California, Davis, Sharon Y. Strauss, University of California, Davis
4:20 PMPropagule pressure, insect herbivory, and spatio-temporal variation in the establishment of an exotic thistle
James O. Eckberg, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Svata M. Louda, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Brigitte Tenhumberg, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Andrew J. Tyre, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
4:40 PMInterspecific hybridization as a stimulus for invasion?: A case study with spotted and diffuse knapweed in North America
Amy C. Blair, Colorado State University, Ruth A. Hufbauer, Colorado State University

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