Tuesday, August 5, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
101 A , Midwest Airlines Center
COS 43 - Niche Relationships and Theory
1:30 PMUsing evolutionary game theory to model the influence of interspecific interactions on thermoregulation and evolution of thermal performance curves
William A. Mitchell, Indiana State University, Michael J Angilletta, Indiana State University
1:50 PMThe need for an evolutionary niche concept
Joel S. Brown, University of Illinois-Chicago, Thomas L. Vincent, University of Arizona, Lauren M. Pintor, University of Illinois-Chicago
2:10 PMCompetitive niche: Way of population regulation
Géza Meszéna, Eötvös University, András Szilágyi, Eötvös University, Kalle Parvinen, University of Turku, Liz Pásztor, Eötvös University
2:30 PMA different type of mechanism for the diversity-productivity relationship: Or, why the whole is more than the sum of the parts
Gregory M. Mikkelson, McGill School of Environment
2:50 PMUsing metacommunity theory in empirical studies
Kendi F. Davies, University of Colorado, Marcel Holyoak, University of California at Davis
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMComparisons of niche diversification in an upland neotropical stream food web pre- and post- frog extinction
Susan S. Kilham, Drexel University, Piet Verburg, University of Georgia, Catherine M. Pringle, University of Georgia, Scott J. Connelly, University of Georgia, Matt R. Whiles, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Karen R. Lips, Southern Illinois University
3:40 PMSegregation of niches among four species of orb-weaving spiders (Araneidae)
Matthew L. Richardson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Lawrence M Hanks, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4:00 PMBark fissure index: A scalable indicator of bark niche in forests
David W. MacFarlane, Michigan State University, Aidong Luo, Xishuangbanan National Nature Reserve Management Bureau
4:20 PMDoes variation in δ13C correlate with niche position among plants growing along a hydrological gradient?
Yoseph Araya, Open University, Jonathan Silvertown, Open University, David Gowing, Open University, Kevin McConway, Open University, Peter Linder, University of Zurich, Guy Midgley, South African National Biodiversity Institute

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