Thursday, August 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
102 B, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 91 - Succession
8:00 AMShifting dominance from native C4 to non-native C3 grasses: Relationships to succession rates
Erin K. Miles, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Johannes M. H. Knops, University of Nebraska
8:20 AMUnderstory vegetation response to thinning disturbance of varying complexity in forest stands of western Oregon, USA
Adrian Ares, Oregon State University, Shanti D. Berryman, Oregon State University, Klaus J. Puettmann, Oregon State University
8:40 AMEffects of flow regulation on historic landscape dynamics and Populus age structure along the Missouri River
Mark Dixon, University of South Dakota, Tim C. Cowman, University of South Dakota, Wesley Christensen, University of South Dakota, Caleb R. Caton, University of South Dakota, Rebekah Jessen, University of South Dakota, W. Carter Johnson, South Dakota State University, Lisa A. Rabbe, US Army Corps of Engineers
9:00 AMA 23-year assessment of vegetation change in the Adirondack alpine zone
Sean C. Robinson, State University of New York at Albany
9:20 AMFast versus slow succession in eastern North America: Why do old fields persist in the north?
Justin Wright, Duke University, Jason Fridley, Syracuse University
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMCattle and wildlife effects on persistence of a successional savanna landscape mosaic
Kari E. Veblen, United States Geological Survey, Truman P. Young, University of California, Davis
10:10 AMLong-term effects of predator arrival timing on prey community succession
Colin J. Olito, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Tadashi Fukami, University of Hawaii at Manoa
10:30 AMFine and coarse woody debris nutrient pools in developing northern hardwood forests
Marty Acker, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Mary A. Arthur, University of Kentucky, Steven P. Hamburg, Environmental Defense Fund, Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur, University of New Hampshire
10:50 AMChanges in plant resistance and tolerance to herbivory during succession
Alyssa S. Hakes, Louisiana State University, James T. Cronin, Louisiana State University
11:10 AMThe hydrologic implications of ecologic succession: Depression storage and leaf litter
Mark D. Norris, SUNY Brockport, Paul L. Richards, SUNY Brockport, Brenda B. Lin, The Earth Institute at Columbia University

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