Thursday, August 7, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
102 A, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 106 - Trophic Dynamics and Interactions
1:30 PMIntraspecific variation in a keystone predator affects community structure and cascading trophic interactions
David M. Post, Yale University, Eric P. Palkovacs, University of Maine, Erika G. Schielke, Yale University, Stanley I. Dodson, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1:50 PMFirst experimental demonstration of spatially-synchronous predator-prey dynamics via phase locking
Jeremy W. Fox, University of Calgary, David A. Vasseur, Yale University
2:10 PMLife history differences drive trophic divergence in a keystone species
Erika G. Schielke, Yale University, Eric P. Palkovacs, University of Maine, David M. Post, Yale University
2:30 PMA meta-analysis of resource pulse-consumer interactions
Louie H. Yang, University of California, Santa Barbara, Justin L. Bastow, University of California, Davis, Amber N. Wright, University of California, Davis, Kenneth O. Spence, University of California-Davis, Kyle Edwards, University of California, Davis, Jarrett E. Byrnes, University of California, Davis
2:50 PMShift between carnivory and omnivory in stream stonefly predators - CANCELLED
Hitoshi Miyasaka, Center for Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University, Motomi Genkai-Kato, Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMEffect of spider presence on Cirsium altissimum performance
Michael Mellon, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Svata Louda, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
3:40 PMExperimental evidence that evolutionary divergence in predator foraging traits drives ecological divergence in prey communities
Eric P. Palkovacs, University of Maine, David M. Post, Yale University
4:00 PMDirect and indirect effects of road salt runoff on trophic interactions in pond food webs
Robin J. Van Meter, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Chris M. Swan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
4:20 PMHabitat size and complexity mediate predator effects on nitrogen cycling
Jacqueline T. Ngai, University of British Columbia, Diane S Srivastava, University of British Columbia, Jonathan B Shurin, University of British Columbia
4:40 PMFreshwater-marine subsidies: The role of small coastal river systems as a source of fall forage fish (Alosa spp) in the nearshore Gulf of Maine
Karen A. Wilson, University of Southern Maine, Theodore V. Willis, University of Southern Maine

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