Tuesday, August 5, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
202 E, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 24 - Grasslands and Steppe
8:00 AMEcosystem recovery is affected by soil texture in tallgrass prairie
Clinton K. Meyer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Sara G. Baer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Johan Six, University of California - Davis
8:20 AMHeterogeneity of roots and resources during biological invasion of native prairie
Brenda M. Vaness, University of Regina, Scott D. Wilson, University of Regina, Andrew S. MacDougall, University of Guelph
8:40 AMConsequences of climate variability for the performance of bison in two tallgrass prairies
Joseph M. Craine, Kansas State University, Anthony Joern, Kansas State University, Gene Towne, Kansas State University, Bob Hamilton, The Nature Conservancy, Matt Poole, The Nature Conservancy
9:00 AMThe role of population source and dominance on plant community diversity and productivity in a prairie restoration
Ryan P. Klopf, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ryan E. Campbell, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Sara G Baer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
9:20 AMA generalist tymovirus of the tallgrass prairie
Michael W. Palmer, Oklahoma State University, Vaskar Thapa, Oklahoma State University, Marilyn Roossinck, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ulrich Melcher, Oklahoma State University
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMA multiple-scale analysis of air temperature and monsoonal precipitation as controls over CO2 fluxes across a woody encroachment gradient: Implications for an interaction Between climatic and vegetative cover change
Greg A. Barron-Gafford, University of Arizona, Russell Scott, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, G. Darrel Jenerette, University of California Riverside, Anna P. Tyler, University of Arizona, Travis E. Huxman, University of Arizona
10:10 AMTemporal and site property effects on root and soil respiration across a heterogeneous grassland ecosystem, Yellowstone National Park
Michele A. Thorne, Syracuse University, Douglas A. Frank, Syracuse University
10:30 AMLandscape changes on the Apalachicola National Forest, a fire dependent ecosystem
Charels A. Hess, Florida State University, Antoine Laniray, Florida State University
10:50 AMNitrogen partitioning among microbes and two plant functional groups in the shortgrass steppe
Eliana E. Bontti, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology Colorado State University, Ingrid C. Burke, Colorado State University
11:10 AMEffects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on productivity and soil nutrients of cultivar and non-cultivar warm-season prairie grasses
Ryan E. Campbell, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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