Tuesday, August 5, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
103 DE, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 20 - Conservation Planning, Policy, and Theory
8:00 AMFloristic quality assessment scores and vegetation patterns across regions, habitat types, and plant communities of Illinois
Greg Spyreas, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
8:20 AMConnectivity of protected area networks in the contiguous United States
Emily S. Minor, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Todd Lookingbill, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
8:40 AMLarge-scale, population-based conservation strategies for spatially dynamic species
Regan Early, Brown University, Barbara Anderson, UKPopNet, Thomas Chris, UKPopNet
9:00 AMThe Nature Conservancy climate change database
Chris Zganjar, The Nature Conservancy
9:20 AMPredicting wetland loss on private lands in the southeastern United States: Implications for land-use planning
Curtis H. Flather, USDA, Forest Service, Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Baylor University
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMUser capacity adaptive management framework at Yosemite National Park
N. S. Nicholas, Yosemite National Park, B. Meldrum, Yosemite National Park
10:10 AMCan symbiont diversity help coral reefs survive climate change?
Marissa L. Baskett, University of California, Santa Barbara, Steven D. Gaines, Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara,, Roger N. Nisbet, University of California, Santa Barbara
10:30 AMResource-diversity relationship in hummingbirds, the underlying mechanism of aggressive resource neglect, and its application to reconciliation in urban habitats
Alona Bachi, University of Arizona
10:50 AMPredicting lakefront housing growth and changing bluegill growth rates using a linked economic-ecological model
Van A. Butsic, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, David J. Lewis, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, Volker C. Radeloff, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison
11:10 AMLinking reserve design and implementation through integrated ecological and social assessments
Brent J. Sewall, University of California, Davis, Amy L. Freestone, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Mohamed F.E. Moutui, Action Comores Anjouan, Ishaka Said, Action Comores Anjouan, Nassuri Toilibou, Action Comores Anjouan, Saindou M. Toumani, Action Comores Anjouan, Daoud Attoumane, Action Comores Anjouan, Cheikh M. Iboura, Action Comores Anjouan

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