Thursday, August 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
102 E, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 78 - Agriculture, Agroecology, and Agroforestry II
8:00 AMInfluence of non-crop habitat on weed seed predation within potato crops
Hannah R. Gaines, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Claudio Gratton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
8:20 AMOrganic soil amendments to control root-knot nematode populations in home gardens
Vazhaveli K. Murukesan, College of Micronesia-FSM
8:40 AMPredator cues and an herbicide impact activity, emigration, and survival in a wolf spider
Kerri M. Wrinn, Miami University, Ann L. Rypstra, Miami University, Samuel C. Evans, Miami University
9:00 AMThe species-specific interactive effects of predation and heat shocks on an insect herbivore
Jason P. Harmon, University of Wisconsin, Anthony R. Ives, University of Wisconsin
9:20 AMApplied plant ecology in an agricultural landscape: Linking potato production with plant conservation in Wisconsin
D. Leith Nye, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Paul H. Zedler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMIndirect effects reverse soil C sequestration response to elevated CO2: Isotopic and modeling evidence
Pascal A. Niklaus, ETH Zurich, Andreas Fangmeier, University of Hohenheim, Ellen Kandeler, University of Hohenheim, Sven Marhan, University of Hohenheim, Stephanie Rein, University of Hohenheim
10:10 AMThe legacy effect of competition
Catherine S. Tarasoff, Michigan Technological University, Dan Ball, Oregon State University, Carol A. Mallory-Smith, Oregon State University
10:30 AMTesting the impact of plant colonization on fish communities in agricultural fitches of the Ottawa River, northwest Ohio
Todd D. Crail, University of Toledo, Johan F. Gottgens, University of Toledo
10:50 AMLabor, soil quality, and yield in ecological and conventional small-scale, tropical agroecosystems
Álvaro Alejandro Valle Valenzuela, University of Florida
11:10 AMEndophyte effects on litter decomposition rates and soil carbon pools in southeastern U.S. tall fescue pasture
Jacob Siegrist, University of Kentucky, Rebecca L. McCulley, University of Kentucky

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