Wednesday, August 6, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
101 A , Midwest Airlines Center
COS 74 - Microbial Ecology
1:30 PMLinks between soil microbial metagenomics and biogeochemical functions in afforested grasslands in southern South America
Sean T. Berthrong, Duke University, Christopher W. Schadt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Robert B. Jackson, Duke University
1:50 PMSeasonal responses of soil microbial biomass, extracellular enzyme activity, and fungal: Bacterial ratios to warming and N treatments in a temperate old field grassland
Terrence H. Bell, University of Western Ontario, Hugh A.L. Henry, University of Western Ontario
2:10 PMSimulated chronic NO3- deposition alters fungal community composition in organic and mineral horizons of northern hardwood forests
John E. Hassett, University of Michigan, Donald R. Zak, University of Michigan
2:30 PMSoil microbial temperature acclimation through changes in enzyme activity
J. Megan Steinweg, Colorado State University, Jessica G Ernakovich, Colorado State University, John Prucha, Colorado State University, Richard T Conant, Colorado State University, Matthew D Wallenstein, Colorado State University
2:50 PMArbuscular mycorrhizae interaction with roots of prairie dock (Silphium terebenthinaceum), wild quinine (Parthenium integrifolium), and smooth blue aster (Aster laevis)
Mary Carrington, Governors State University, R. Michael Miller, Argonne National Laboratory, Chevon Marsh, Governors State University, Rita Richardson, Governors State University
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMSpatial characterization of the prokaryotic community within the gut of the patent-leather beetle, Odontotaenius disjunctus, using 16S rRNA PhyloChips
Nhu H. Nguyen, University of California, Berkeley, Eoin L. Brodie, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Todd Z. DeSantis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Kate Goldfarb, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Stephanie Gross, Louisiana State Univeristy, James B. Nardi, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Thomas D. Bruns, University of California, Berkeley, Meredith Blackwell, Louisiana State Univeristy, Gary L. Andersen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
3:40 PMLabile associations between fungus-growing ant cultivars and their garden pathogens
Nicole Gerardo, Emory University, Eric Caldera, University of Wisconsin-Madison
4:00 PMSuperbugs are everywhere! Antibiotic resistant bacteria in farms, forests, and front yards
Debra L. Wohl, Elizabethtown College, David R. Bowne, Franklin and Marshall College
4:20 PMBacterial use of membrane lipids:  A sustainable source of phosphate for the aquatic microbial community?
Michael J. Lemke, University of Illinois at Springfield, Sara F. Paver, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4:40 PMA keystone predator controls bacterial diversity in the pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) microecosystem
Celeste Peterson, Harvard University, Stephanie Day, Yale University, Benjamin E. Wolfe, Harvard University, Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard University, Roberto Kolter, Harvard Medical School, Anne Pringle, Harvard University

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