Thursday, August 7, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
201 A, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 101 - Physiological Ecology I
1:30 PMThat sinking feeling: What contractile roots help succulent plants avoid - CANCELLED
Gretchen B. North, Occidental College, Cameron Brahmst, Occidental College, Erin Brinton, Occidental College, Tadao Garrett, Occidental College
1:50 PMEcohydrology and ecophysiology of Arundo donax (giant reed) in response to herbivory and drought
David A. Watts, Texas A&M University, Georgianne W. Moore, Texas A&M University, Kira Zhaurova, Texas A&M University
2:10 PMTesting the pit area hypothesis for xylem cavitation resistance in three species of maple
Mairgareth A. Christman, University of Utah, John S. Sperry, University of Utah, Frederick R. Adler, University of Utah
2:30 PMUnnerving patterns of hydration in Australian phyllodinous Acacia
Katy E. Sommerville, The Australian National University, John J.G. Egerton, The Australian National University, Marilyn C. Ball, The Australian National University
2:50 PMUltimate height in a conifer is associated with conflicting requirements for xylem design
Frederick C. Meinzer, USDA Forest Service, Jean-Christophe Domec, North Carolina State University, Barbara Lachenbruch, Oregon State University, David R. Woodruff, USDA Forest Service, Jeffrey M. Warren, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Katherine McCulloh, Oregon State University
3:10 PMBreak
3:20 PMThe vulnerability of mesic fynbos species to plant water stress in the Cape Floristic Region
Timothy Llewellyn Aston, University of Cape Town, William J. Bond, University of Cape Town, Edmund February, University of Cape Town, Jeremy Midgley, University of Cape Town, Adam West, University of Cape Town
3:40 PMEffects of increased ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon dioxide on Arabidopsis thaliana: Changes in growth, phenology, and reproduction
Allyson S.D. Eller, Cornell University, Jed P. Sparks, Cornell University
4:00 PMQuantification of canopy stomatal conductance response to soil and atmospheric drought in a sagebrush steppe
Kusum Naithani, University of Wyoming, Brent E. Ewers, University of Wyoming, Elise Pendall, University of Wyoming
4:20 PMResponse of Natal grass (Melinis repens), an invasive species in Florida, to varied temperature conditions
Roger C. Anderson, Illinois State University, Eric S. Menges, Archbold Biological Station
4:40 PMRegulation of carbon metabolism in two cohorts of pine foliage growing under elevated CO2
Catarina Moura, Duke University, Robert B. Jackson, Duke University

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