Tuesday, August 5, 2008: 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall CD, Midwest Airlines Center
PS 26 - Invasion: Invasibility, Stability, and Diversity
Susceptibility of reservoir islands to invasion by exotic plants
Saara J. DeWalt, Clemson University, Danielle C. Zoellner, Clemson University
Effects of natural disturbance on exotic plant invasion in urban and rural plant communities
Christina M. Alba-Lynn, Colorado State University, Laurel M. Hartley, Michigan State University
Competition and seed source between a perennial desert grass (Digitaria californica) and two introduced perennial grasses (Pennisetum ciliare and Melinis repens)
Jason M. Stevens, University of Arizona, Jeffrey S. Fehmi, University of Arizona
Native and non-native Hypericum species in the aboveground vegetation and soil seed bank in Massachusetts
Erin M. Coates, Mount Holyoke College, Martha F. Hoopes, Mount Holyoke College
Colonization, establishment, and impacts of three notorious invasive species over five decades in southern Wisconsin broadleaf forests
Thomas P. Rooney, Wright State University, David Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sarah M. Klionsky, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Donald M. Waller, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Resistance isn’t futile: Native California grasslands persist in the midst of invasion
Loralee Larios, University of Calirfornia Irvine, Michelle Chang, University of Calirfornia Irvine, Katharine N Suding, University of Calirfornia Irvine
Patterns of invasive earthworm abundance and correlations with invasive plant species abundance in southwestern Virginia
Rachel J. Collins, Roanoke College, Zach M. Gibson, Roanoke College

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