Thursday, August 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
104 D, Midwest Airlines Center
COS 82 - Disease Ecology and Epidemiology II
8:00 AMSpatial dynamics of a generalist plant pathogen in a fragmented landscape: Barley yellow dwarf virus in Cascade meadow systems
Sean M. Moore, Oregon State University, Elizabeth T. Borer, Oregon State University, Charles Mitchell, University of North Carolina
8:20 AMNon-target pathogen affects the costs of resistance to viral pathogens in the wild gourd, Cucurbita pepo ssp texana
Matthew J. Ferrari, The Pennsylvania State University, Andrew G. Stephenson, The Pennsylvania State University, James A. Winsor, Penn State University: Altoona
8:40 AMExotic grass invasion reduces survival of Amblyomma americanum and Dermacentor variabilis ticks
David J. Civitello, Indiana University, S. Luke Flory, Indiana University, Keith Clay, Indiana University
9:00 AMGeneralist fungal pathogens and seedling recruitment in a temperate mixed hardwood forest
Michelle H. Hersh, Duke University, Rytas Vilgalys, Duke University, James S. Clark, Duke University
9:20 AMInvasive honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) increases tick-borne disease risk
Brian F. Allan, Washington University, Humberto P. Dutra, University of Missouri, St Louis, Lisa S. Goessling, Washington University, Kirk Barnett, University of Missouri, St Louis, Jonathan M. Chase, Washington University, Robert J. Marquis, University of Missouri, St Louis, Gregory A. Storch, St. Louis Children's Hospital, Robert E. Thach, Washington University, John L. Orrock, Washington University
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMCross-immunity in the dynamics of influenza A H3N2, H1N1, and influenza B in humans
Sarah E. Cobey, University of Michigan, Lyudmila S. Karpova, Research Institute of Influenza, Ivan G. Marinich, Research Institute of Influenza, Aaron A. King, University of Michigan, Mercedes Pascual, University of Michigan
10:10 AMSpatiotemporal dynamics of infectious diseases: Refining our understanding of seasonal drivers
Nita Bharti, Penn State University, Rebecca F. Grais, Medecis Sans Frontieres, Matthew Ferrari, Penn State University, Bryan Grenfell, Penn State University
10:30 AMPathogen dilution: Fitness effects on a highly competent host
Jennifer M. Koslow, Cornell University, Alison G Power, Cornell University, Charles E. Mitchell, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
10:50 AMThe effects of chronic wasting disease on mule deer fawn recruitment to weaning
Jessie R. Dulberger, Colorado State University, Dr. Michael W. Miller, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Thompson Hobbs, Colorado State University
11:10 AMA novel mechanism for disease dilution: Differences in vector production among host species
Anna E. Jolles, Oregon State University, Elizabeth T. Borer, Oregon State University, Eric Seabloom, Oregon State University

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