Thursday, August 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
101 A , Midwest Airlines Center
COS 88 - Invasion: Models and Management
8:00 AMPrioritizing invasive plant management and rare species conservation using the relative risks model
Thaddeus K. Miller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Craig R. Allen, University of Nebraska, James Merchant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Rick Schneider, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Wayne Landis, Western Washington University
8:20 AMInvasion, disturbance, and competition: Modeling the fate of coastal plant populations
Sharmila Pathikonda, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Azmy S. Ackleh, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Susan Mopper, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
8:40 AMExploring the spread of a bird-dispersed invasive plant using simulation modeling
Nancy LaFleur, University of Connecticut, Cory Merow, University of Connecticut, Margaret Rubega, University of Connecticut, John A. Silander Jr., University of Connecticut
9:00 AMA spatially explicit model of propagule pressure and invasion in prairie systems
Chad E. Brassil, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Gregory R. Houseman, University of Kansas, James O. Eckberg, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Bryan L. Foster, University of Kansas
9:20 AMEvolutionary game theory as a conceptual framework for invasion biology
Lauren M. Pintor, University of Illinois-Chicago, Joel S. Brown, University of Illinois-Chicago, Thomas L. Vincent, University of Arizona
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMQuantifying and predicting invasiveness using plant traits: A multivariate approach with wetland species
Stephen M. Hovick, University of Georgia, Chris J. Peterson, University of Georgia
10:10 AMForecasting the distribution of the invasive round goby in Wisconsin tributaries to Lake Michigan
Matthew S. Kornis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, M. Jake Vander Zanden, University of Wisconsin-Madison
10:30 AMWho will invade next? Predicting future Great Lakes invasions from shipping traffic and environmental similarity of origin ports
Reuben P. Keller, University of Notre Dame, John M. Drake, University of Georgia, Mark Drew, University of Notre Dame, David M. Lodge, University of Notre Dame
10:50 AMAn empirical-based model for predicting scale-dependent shifts in grassland invasibility
Ian J. Renne, Youngstown State University, Benjamin F. Tracy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
11:10 AMWhen will invasive species homogenize or differentiate communities? An occupancy-based null model of the effects of species invasions
David J. Harris, Washington University in St. Louis, Kevin G. Smith, Washington University in St. Louis

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