Wednesday, August 5, 2009: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
Acoma/Zuni, Albuquerque Convention Center
SS 22 - Scenario-Based Analysis as a Focus for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources on Federal Lands
In support of the theme, Ecological Knowledge and a Global Sustainable Society, this special session informs participants about methods of scenario-based analysis as a means to focus socio-economic and biophysical knowledge for sustainability. Scenario-based studies contribute to decision-making by considering how pending options play-out in multiple futures. The process includes: (1) developing alternative models of change based on perceived driving forces and recognized uncertainties (i.e., scenarios); (2) specifying spatial allocations and temporal moments of change (i.e., alternative futures); and (3) evaluating the futures in terms of biodiversity, hydrology, transportation, air quality, energy, and other topics of interest to stakeholders. The spectrum of methodological concerns is examined through a comparison of several studies of regions surrounding federal lands recognized as providing significant regional ecosystem services. Such services are vulnerable to development-related uncertainties, and scenario-based approaches have contributed to the support of ecosystem resilience and natural resource sustainability. The session concludes with a panel discussion by researchers and program managers. The panel facilitates participant interaction; shares experiences at creating effective scenarios; examines how stakeholder involvement in scenario development can assist outreach and collaboration; discusses recent advancements and insights; and recommends areas of future research. Presenters represent an interdisciplinary team of ecologists, landscape architects, and planners. This special session is endorsed by the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) and the Army’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL).
Organizer:Scott Thomas, Desert Research Institute
Co-organizer:Dave Mouat, Desert Research Institute
Speakers:Allan Shearer, University of Texas, Austin
James Westervelt, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL-CNN)

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