COS 51 - Biodiversity: Patterns

Wednesday, August 5, 2009: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Ruidoso, Albuquerque Convention Center
Jamie M. Kneitel, California State University, Sacramento
8:00 AM
 Patterns of richness and diversity of snake communities in Texas: The influence of sampling methodology
Rachel A. Lange, West Texas A&M University; Richard T. Kazmaier, West Texas A&M University; Matthew D. Broxson, West Texas A&M University
8:20 AM
 A quantitative analysis of temporal turnover across aquatic organisms and ecosystems
Janne Soininen, Department of Geosciences and Geography; Jenni J. Korhonen, University of Helsinki; Helmut Hillebrand, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
8:40 AM
 Biogeography of aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera in the Grand Canyon ecoregion, southwestern USA
Lawrence E. Stevens, Museum of Northern Arizona and Grand Canyon Wildlands Council; John T. Polhemus, Colorado Entomological Institute
9:00 AM
 Ecosystem-phase interactions: Aquatic algae decreases plant composition in the California Vernal Pool Ecosystem
Jamie M. Kneitel, California State University, Sacramento; Carrie L. Lessin, California State University, Sacramento
9:20 AM
 Controls on community structure of an ephemeral meltwater stream ecosystem in the McMurdo Dry Valleys
Breana L. Simmons, Colorado State University; Diane M. McKnight, University of Colorado; Lee F. Stanish, University of Colorado; Diana H. Wall, Colorado State University
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Fungal biogeography and diversity: A global synthesis of published DNA sequences
Stephanie N. Kivlin, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; Krista L. McGuire, Barnard College, Columbia University; Christine V. Hawkes, University of Texas at Austin; Kathleen K. Treseder, University of California, Irvine
10:10 AM
 Phylogenetic evaluation of subspecies within a variable complex of Euphydryas butterflies (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in the southwestern US
Michael Wellik, San Diego State University; Kathy S. Williams, San Diego State University; Andrew Bohonak, San Diego State University
10:50 AM
 A global analysis of temperate old-growth forests: commonality and variability in structure and function
William S. Keeton, University of Vermont; Sabina Burrascano, University of Rome; Jiquan Chen, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606; Mykola Chernyavskyy, Ukrainian National Forestry University; Brigitte Commarmot, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL; Jerry F. Franklin, University of Washington; Andrew J. Larson, University of Montana; David B. Lindenmayer, Australian National University; Jared S. Nunery, University of Vermont; Thomas A. Spies, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; Mark Swanson, Washington State University; Robert Van Pelt, Humboldt State University
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