Thursday, August 5, 2010: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
330, David L Lawrence Convention Center
COS 78 - Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages
8:00 AMUntangling human development and natural landscape gradients: implications of underlying correlation structure for linking landscapes and aquatic ecosystems
Yasmin Lucero, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, E. Ashley Steel, USFS PNW Research Station
8:20 AMLove in the litter: The effect of leaf litter species on amphibian oviposition site selection
Aaron B. Stoler, University of Pittsburgh, Rick A. Relyea, University of Pittsburgh
8:40 AMSeaweed subsidies disrupt an ant-plant mutualism in the presence of a vertebrate predator
Jonah Piovia-Scott, University of California, Davis, David A. Spiller, University of California, Davis, Thomas W. Schoener, University of California, Davis
9:00 AMSynergistic effects of watershed development and climatic events on ecosystem health in Perdido Bay lagoons, Florida
Yushun Chen, Dauphin Island Sea Lab/University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Just Cebrian, Dauphin Island Sea Lab/University of South Alabama Marine Sciences, Bart Christiaen, Dauphin Island Sea Lab/University of South Alabama Marine Sciences, Jason Stutes, Dauphin Island Sea Lab/University of South Alabama Marine Sciences
9:20 AMThe role of moss as integrators of soil and stream nutrient status in a polar desert
Becky A. Ball, Dartmouth College, Ross A. Virginia, Dartmouth College
9:40 AMBreak
9:50 AMSeasonal variation of reciprocal subsidies between coupled ecosystems in a Mediterranean climate
David Moreno Mateos, University of California at Berkeley, Mary E. Power, University of California, Berkeley
10:10 AMWhen is a subsidy a subsidy? Fluxes of both terrestrial and aquatic resources in emergent aquatic insects moving to land
Johanna M. Kraus, Virginia Commonwealth University, James R. Vonesh, Virginia Commonwealth University
10:30 AMThe role of anthropogenic alterations in influencing environmental-fish relationships: A multiscalar perspective
Adam R. Kautza, The Ohio State University, Mazeika S.P. Sullivan, The Ohio State University
10:50 AMRelating patterns in biotic, chemical and physical variables to the denitrifying community in agricultural and forested streams
Alyssa M. Baxter, Kent State University, Laura T. Johnson, Indiana University, Jael M. Edgerton, Kent State University, Laura G. Leff, Kent State University, Todd V. Royer, Indiana University
11:10 AMDeciphering spatial linkages in mountain watersheds with the American dipper
Mazeika S.P. Sullivan, The Ohio State University, Kerri T. Vierling, University of Idaho

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