Wednesday, August 4, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
PS 57 - Conservation Management
The influence of habitat disturbance on rare plant species in the New Jersey Pinelands
Marilyn C. Sobel, Drexel University, Walter F. Bien, Drexel University, Harold W. Avery, Drexel University, James R. Spotila, Drexel University
Assessing performance of conservation-based best management practices: Coarse vs. fine-scale analysis
Denise Piechnik, Penn State University, Sarah Goslee, USDA-ARS, Tamie Veith, USDA-ARS
A natural history approach to rapid assessment of plant and animal vulnerability to climate change
Bruce E. Young, NatureServe, Kimberly R. Hall, The Nature Conservancy, Elizabeth Byers, West Virginia Natural Heritage Program, Kelly Gravuer, NatureServe, Geoff Hammerson, NatureServe, Alan Redder, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, Kristin Szabo, Nevada Natural Heritage Program
Tracking forest change, guiding forest management: Stewardship science in the conserved wildlands and woodlands of New England
David A. Orwig, Harvard Forest, Harvard University, Brian R. Hall, Harvard Forest, Harvard University, Emily J. Silver, Brandeis University, Edward K. Faison, Highstead and Harvard Forest, Clarisse M. Hart, Harvard Forest, Harvard University, David R. Foster, Harvard University
Prescribed fire improves nutritional quality of blue lupine leaves and enhances the reproductive success of the endangered Karner blue butterfly
Steven G. Fuller, New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game, Neil A. Gifford, Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, Steven K. Rice, Union College, Rivka B. Fidel, Union College, Heidi Holman, New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game, Lindsay Webb, New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game
Using species area curves to examine spatial scale of pine savanna understory vegetation
Monica R. Hamberg, University of South Florida
Developing a management plan for a college nature preserve
Sarah A. Sterner, Marist College, Richard S. Feldman, Marist College
Impacts of agricultural practices on soil exoenzymes activities in a semi-arid ecosystem
Brandon T. Melester, Texas Tech University
Sphaeralcea munroana: Understanding seed ecology as a means of native plant restoration
Olga A. Kildisheva, University of Idaho, Rob F. Keefe, University of Idaho, Anthony S. Davis, University of Idaho

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