Wednesday, August 4, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
PS 59 - Ecosystem Services Assessment
Ecosystem services assessment of the Nemunas river delta
Brenda Rashleigh, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Arturas Razinkovas, Klaipeda University
Monitoring effects of climate change on rangeland ecosystem goods and services
Kristie Maczko, University of Wyoming, Daniel W. McCollum, USDA Forest Service, Jack A. Morgan, USDA-ARS, Clifford Duke, Ecological Society of America, William E. Fox, Texas A&M University, Lori A. Hidinger, Arizona State University, Urs Kreuter, Texas A&M University - College Station, John E. Mitchell, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, John A. Tanaka, University of Wyoming
An integrated eco-hydrologic modeling framework for assessing the effects of interacting stressors on multiple ecosystem services
R. McKane, U.S. EPA, M. Stieglitz, Georgia Institute of Technology, A. Abdelnour, Georgia Institute of Technology, F. Pan, University of North Texas, B. Bond, Oregon State University, S. Johnson, US Forest Service
A UFORE analysis of the urban forest of the University of Maryland
Taylor Keen, University of Maryland, Allen Dawson, University of Maryland, Joe H. Sullivan, University of Maryland

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