Thursday, August 5, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
PS 72 - Behavior
Bigger isn't bolder: The role of behavior in body size variation in the eastern fence lizard, Sceloporus undulatus
Renee L. Rosier, The Pennsylvania State University, Tracy Langkilde, Penn State university
The role of direct and indirect cues in the foraging-site decisions made by the juvenile crab spider Misumenops asperatus
Chadwick J. Hanna, California University of Pennsylvania, Perri K. Eason, University of Louisville
How snowy owl migration could be influenced by climate change, and development along coastal Maine
Elizabeth Hale Morrell, College of the Atlantic
Effects of a glyphosate-based herbicide on mate location in the wolf spider Pardosa milvina
Samuel C. Evans, Miami University, Laurie M. Griesinger, Indiana University, Ann L. Rypstra, Miami University
Eutrophication and info-disruption: Elevated pH impairs perception of predation risk by freshwater snails
Andrew M. Turner, Clarion University, Michael F. Chislock, Auburn University
Exploiting the visual cues in behavioral control measures for banana root borer, Cosmopolites sordidus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Gadi V.P. Reddy, University of Guam
Distribution of labor as determined by the foraging phenotype of the Ponerine ant, Odontomachus brunneus
Lauren M. Hart, University of Missouri- Columbia, Walter R. Tschinkel, Florida State University
Finding a perfect match: Female choice on male traits in eastern fence lizards, Sceloporus undulatus
Lindsey Noele Swierk, Penn State University, Tracy Langkilde, Penn State university
First record of phoresy between chironomid larvae and crayfish
Brian P. Mangan, King's College
Distribution and function of girdling by caterpillars of prominent moths (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae)
Carissa N. Ganong, University of Georgia, David E. Dussourd, University of Central Arkansas

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