Wednesday, August 4, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
PS 50 - Community Pattern and Dynamics
The contributions of container age and seasonal turnover of adult insect populations to changes in aquatic insect communities
Ebony Murrell, Illinois State University, Steven A. Juliano, Illinois State University
Using network analysis to assess connectivity for ant communities in a fragmented landscape
Julian Resasco, University of Florida, Miguel A. Acevedo, University of Florida, Robert J. Fletcher Jr., University of Florida, Douglas J. Levey, University of Florida
Forging an alliance: Linking taxonomy, phylogeny and community ecology in terrestrial insects
Terry A. Wheeler, McGill University, Christopher J. Borkent, McGill University, Valerie Levesque-Beaudin, McGill University, Julia Mlynarek, McGill University
Chamaecrista fasciculata and Silphium integrifolium show divergence in genetic structure when grown in a background of wild collected versus cultivars of the dominant grasses
Dewitt Jones, The Citadel, Danny J. Gustafson, The Citadel, David J. Gibson, Southern Illinois University, Sara G. Baer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Seasonal priority effects: Implications for invasion and restoration in California coastal sage scrub
Claire E. Wainwright, University of California, San Diego, Elsa Cleland, University of California, San Diego
Temporal and spatial turnover in phytoplankton (meta-)communities in a natural coastal system
Sandra Meier, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, Helmut Hillebrand, University of Oldenburg
Effects of genetic diversity of foundation species on community diversity: Predictions tested by simulation modeling
David J. Gibson, Southern Illinois University, Andrew J. Allstadt, University of New York Albany, Sara G. Baer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Environmental determinants of the distribution of body size in bird communities
Allen H. Hurlbert, University of North Carolina, Katherine M. Thibault, Utah State University, Ethan P. White, Utah State University, S. K. Morgan Ernest, Utah State University
Plasticity in leaf functional traits in a Michigan hardwood forest
Carlin Ziska, University of Michigan, Jeffrey K. Lake, University of Michigan, Annette M. Ostling, University of Michigan, Zachary T. Brym, University of Michigan, Andrea Maguire, Michigan State University
Coexistence in a Florida ant assemblage: Spatial, temporal, and dietary constraints
Philipp T. Wiescher, University of Utah, Donald H. Feener Jr., University of Utah, Elizabeth High, University of Notre Dame
Demographic correlates of tree recruitment, growth and mortality in a protected Neotropical savannaRaimundo P. B. Henriques and Willam A. Hoffmann Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, DF, BrazilSavannas cover approximately 30% of the ear
Raimundo PB Henriques, Universidade de Brasília, William A. Hoffmann, North Carolina State University
Recent increase in earthworm abundance in Mid-Atlantic deciduous forests
Chih-Han Chang, Johns Hopkins University, Katalin Szlavecz, Johns Hopkins University, Scott Pitz, Johns Hopkins University, Csaba Csuzdi, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Melissa K. McCormick, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Timothy R. Filley, Purdue University
Effects of intraspecific genetic diversity on ecological communities are context-dependent
Michael F. Benard, Case Western Reserve University, Sarah R. Carrino-Kyker, Case Western Reserve University, David J. Burke, The Holden Arboretum
Invertebrate biodiversity patterns in a hemlock-dominated forest: Effects of vegetation, woody debris, and light
Amy Arnett, Unity College, Erika F. Latty, Unity College, Alysa J. Remsburg, Unity College, Kathleen Dunckel, Unity College
Ecosystem engineers as a source of landscape heterogeneity: Plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae) burrows on the Tibetan Plateau
Brigitte W. Hogan, Arizona State University, Yan Ming Zhang, Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology, Andrew T. Smith, Arizona State University
Understory phenotypic plasticity and functional diversity may buffer inter-annual variation in overstory soil resource uptake
Lauren Ducas, Utah State University, Ronald J. Ryel, Utah State University
Restoration of a coastal sandplain grassland: Reducing biotic and abiotic barriers to native plant establishment in a former agricultural field
Annalisa Weiler, University of Central Florida, Christopher Neill, Marine Biological Laboratory, Betsy Von Holle, University of Central Florida
Matreshka – a new model for scaling of forest dynamics from individual trees to the landscape level
Nikolay Strigul, Stevens Institute of Technology
Factors influencing the spatial distribution of the Red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus
Christopher J. Dibble, Rice University
The role of seasonal moisture variability in structuring testate amoebae assemblages in Sphagnum peatlands
Maura E. Sullivan, Lehigh University, Robert K. Booth, Lehigh University
Network structure is linked to the community stability of canopy arthropods associated with Populus angustifolia
Matthew K. Lau, Northern Arizona University, Arthur R. Keith, Northern Arizona University, Thomas G. Whitham, Northern Arizona University

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