Thursday, August 5, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
PS 69 - Invasion: Invasibility, Stability, and Diversity
Population and genotype-level effects on light responses in an invasive liana, celastrus orbiculatus (Oriental Bittersweet)
Jenna A. P. Hamlin, University of North Carolina of Asheville, Jennifer Rhode Ward, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Hurricane Katrina and the potential replacement of one ecosystem engineer by another on two Mississippi barrier islands
Christine A. Bertz, The University of Mississippi, J. Stephen Brewer, University of Mississippi
Bud bank demography: Bud bank density of caespitose native grasses regulates invasion of exotic species
Ray R. West, Oklahoma State University, Gail W.T. Wilson, Oklahoma State University
Woody plant encroachment indirectly facilitates the establishment of an invasive grass by reducing species richness
Karen M. Alofs, University of Texas at Austin, Norma L. Fowler, University of Texas at Austin
Does elevated CO2 in a changing landscape alter the invasiveness potential of known New England invasives?
Chantal D. Reid, Duke University, Sarah A. Treanor, University of Connecticut, Jenica M. Allen, University of Connecticut, Ines Ibanez, University of Michigan, John A. Silander Jr., University of Connecticut

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