Monday, August 2, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
PS 16 - Predation and Predator-Prey Interactions
A life of fear: The effects of predation risk on prey population dynamics
Emily J. Cholak, Clarion University, Andrew M. Turner, Clarion University
Plant diversity strengthens the suppression of an herbivore by its predator
Regan Dohm, Ursinus College, Nathan Simasek, Ursinus College, Cody Postlethwait, Ursinus College, Cory Straub, Ursinus College
Effects of sunfish predators on crayfish (Procambarus spp.) recruitment and species turnover
Christopher M. Kellogg, Florida Atlantic University
Influence of livestock density on vigilance behavior of wild prey in a dangerous grazed ecosystem
Sundararaj Vijayan, Lakehead University, Brian McLaren, Lakehead University, Douglas W. Morris, Lakehead University
Induction, acclimation, and behavioral phenotypes: Predator cues change flight initiation distance in hatchling red-eyed treefrogs
Alex M. Lebron, Cornell University, Karen M. Warkentin, Boston University
Turbidity mediates the non-consumptive effect of a piscivore on its planktivore prey
Timothy D. Malinich, The Ohio State University, Kevin L. Pangle, The Ohio State University, Stuart A. Ludsin, The Ohio State University

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