OOS 28-7 - Avian influenza virus exchanges in the Mississippi flyway

Wednesday, August 10, 2011: 3:40 PM
17B, Austin Convention Center
Camille Lebarbenchon, Southeastern Cooperative for Wildlife Disease Study, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

The recent spread of the highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza A virus (IAV) from Southeastern Asia to Europe and Africa gave rise to increased research on IAV dispersal related to wild bird migrations. Recent studies have focused on migratory movements of ducks and geese in order to estimate the potential for disease spread by wild waterfowl. Our knowledge concerning IAV dispersal remains however relatively limited. In particular, virus exchanges and genetic diversity within and between migratory flyways would need to be further studied. In this study, we focused on IAV dispersal related to migrations of North American ducks. We sequenced the complete genome of 107 viruses isolated from common wild duck species in Minnesota, Louisiana and Eastern Texas. Based on phylogenetic analyses, we investigated virus exchanges between North American flyways. We also attempted to identify gene flow between breeding and wintering areas in the Mississippi flyway and estimate the genetic diversity of circulating viruses in a major breeding site, in Minnesota.


Results from this study are not available at the time of abstract submission.

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