PS 10-118 - CANCELLED - Biomimicry functional model for sustainability inspired by Cork Oak Forests in Portugal

Monday, August 8, 2011
Exhibit Hall 3, Austin Convention Center
Luisa Ferreira Nunes, Ecology, ESACB-CEABN, Castelo Branco, Portugal

Biomimicry functional model for sustainability inspired by cork oak forests in Portugal.

Biomimicry is a new science that studies nature’s models and then emulates these forms, process, systems, and strategies to solve human problems – sustainably.

The cork oak ecosystems (Montados) in Portugal are a great example of balanced conservation and economic development. Their preservation is vital for the well-being of the Mediterranean region.


In this presentation we identify aspects that give sustainability to the cork oak forests. The study evaluates the relationships between the ecosystem’s biological components in the form of a biomimicry functional model that explains and responds to the needs of solving sustainability problems, which can be applied to the management of different situations.

Observed aspects ranged from the recycling of nutrients, natural selection of trees through insects and pathogens, and also the protective characteristics against dryness and fire that the trees themselves develop.

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