WK 16 - CANCELLED - Hypothesis-Driven Habitat Modeling: Workshop and Web Tutorial

Sunday, August 7, 2011: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
19A, Austin Convention Center
Organizer: Gary N. Ervin
Co-organizer: Christopher P. Brooks
Habitat modeling has application for predicting expected distributions of invasive species, species responding to climate change, or other species of interest, but there may be other important benefits for ecologists and other scientists. An often overlooked utility of habitat modeling is the use of resulting models as hypotheses for gaining a deeper understanding of mechanisms influencing species distribution. This workshop will be targeted towards this latter function of habitat modeling. We propose a workshop that would illustrate some of the most accessible and commonly used habitat modeling approaches, while simultaneously focusing on the habitat modeling process as a means to formulate and test hypotheses at multiple scales. The workshop materials would be designed primarily to benefit those desiring to use habitat modeling approaches for the first time, although others are welcome. We will make use of accompanying web resources that will be hosted by or linked to through the Mississippi State University Geosystems Research Institute, in partnership with the US Geological Survey National Biological Information Infrastructure’s Invasive Species Information Node. Environmental and species data sets will be provided, along with instructions for preparatory work that may be completed prior to the conference. Participants will be responsible for their own computers, and it will be assumed that at least some preparation is conducted before arrival. Workshop discussions will focus on analyses of the data provided, but participants are encouraged to bring questions regarding their own study systems.
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