WK 22 - Understanding and Implementing Team-Based Learning in Large Lecture Courses--FREE

Monday, August 8, 2011: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
19B, Austin Convention Center
Organizer: David J. Grisé
Co-organizers: Courtney T. Lee , Caitlin M. Bailey and Mariela Rivera
Team-based learning was developed as a way to incorporate active learning into large-lecture courses. Participants attending this workshop will learn how to implement team-based learning activities in large-lecture courses. Topics to be discussed are advantages of team-based learning assignments in large-lecture courses, different methods to form student groups, increasing buy-in among students, point distribution between individual and group portions of assignments, how to present questions during assignments, how to handle appeals, how to help students prepare for assignments and work effectively in groups. To better understand the benefits of team-based learning activities, after the basic principles of team-based learning are discussed, workshop participants will be arranged into groups and will participate in a team-based learning assignment on community ecology used in a large-lecture introductory biology course. Participating in this activity will help participants understand why team-based learning activities are effective. Discussion of the topics listed above will help participants implement team-based learning activities into their large-lecture courses. A unique aspect of this workshop is that three of the organizers have been involved in team-based learning assignments both as a student in the course and as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the course. They will be able to offer perspectives from a student viewpoint about team-based learning in general, the effectiveness of team-based learning, how students prepare for team-learning assignments and group dynamics.
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