SS 7 - "Doing History" for the 2015 Centennial: How Every Ecologist Can Help Locate Primary Records for Research

Monday, August 8, 2011: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
17A, Austin Convention Center
Organizer: Juliana C. Mulroy
Co-organizers: Kara Miller Blue , Sally L. White , Nona R. Chiariello , Jean H. Langenheim , Harold Balbach and Thomas W. Mulroy
Good research requires good data: in the case of research on the history of ESA and of ecology, location of primary records for efficient use by researchers is paramount. While professional archivists have increasingly powerful tools for locating the "obvious"—papers of ecologists and ecological institutions available in archives, it takes local and personal knowledge of the many extant primary resources that are not apparent using these tools. The Historical Records Committee (HRC) is looking for ecological eyes and memories to 1) work with their local archivists to make sure records in offices, storerooms, and attics are safely preserved and catalogued 2) examine collections for relevant material not listed in collection descriptions or Finding Aids 3) add to our store of recorded knowledge. Session leaders will present examples of how small efforts by many ecologists can provide data valuable for understanding our past and guiding our future. The end goal of our project is a shared, searchable digital archive that will minimize travel and increase available data. Ecologists are invited to stop by the HRC/ Centennial booth (Exhibit Hall) or to contribute anecdotes, influences, paradigm shifts and more.
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