COS 38 - Biogeochemistry

Tuesday, August 9, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
6A, Austin Convention Center
1:30 PM
Azteca ants connect aboveground and belowground processes in a wet tropical forest
Jane M. Lucas, University of St. Thomas; Natalie A. Clay, University of Oklahoma; Michael Kaspari, University of Oklahoma; Adam D. Kay, University of St. Thomas
1:50 PM
Trees construct but seasonality deconstruct trophic structure of tropical litter arthropod communities
David A. Donoso, University of Oklahoma; Mary K. Johnston, University of Texas at Austin; Natalie Clay, University of Oklahoma; Michael Kaspari, University of Oklahoma
2:10 PM
Mountain Pine beetle disturbance effects on Colorado subalpine forest carbon cycling
Nicole A. Trahan, University of Wyoming; David J.P. Moore, University of Arizona; David R. Bowling, University of Utah; Russell K. Monson, University of Arizona
2:30 PM
Soil carbonate: Its biological formation as a complex adaptive system
Curtis Monger, New Mexico State University; Yanhua Feng, New Mexico State University
2:50 PM
Pulses of NO and N2O in Mediterranean ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada (California): importance of gaseous fluxes in annual N budgets
Peter M. Homyak, University of California, Santa Barbara; James O. Sickman, UC Riverside
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
Experimentally applied nitrogen successfully induced nitrogen saturation: A 22-year case study in red spruce forest
Johnny L. Boggs, USDA Forest Service; Steve G. McNulty, USDA Forest Service
3:40 PM
Changes in soil respiration along a nitrogen availability gradient in high-elevation red spruce forests
Kenneth R. Smith, West Virginia University; Benjamin Hedin, Allegheny College; Bradley P. Breslow, North Carolina State University; Brenden E. McNeil, West Virginia University; William T. Peterjohn, West Virginia University; Richard B. Thomas, West Virginia University
4:00 PM
Using an ecosystem process model to examine effects of increased nitrogen deposition on soil carbon storage through decreased decomposition
Kyle A. Whittinghill, University of Michigan; William S. Currie, University of Michigan; Donald R. Zak, University of Michigan
4:20 PM
Soil type modifies response of soil carbon pools to an atmospheric CO2 gradient
Andrew Procter, Duke University; Richard A. Gill, Brigham Young University; H. Wayne Polley, USDA, Agricultural Research Service; Robert B. Jackson, Stanford and Duke universities
4:40 PM
Multi-element limitation:  Simulation and measurements suggest that P is more limiting than n in young northern hardwood ecosystems
Ruth D. Yanai, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry; Edward B. Rastetter, Marine Biological Lab; Melany C. Fisk, Miami University of Ohio; Timothy J. Fahey, Cornell University; R. Quinn Thomas, Cornell University; Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur, University of New Hampshire
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