COS 70 - Behavior: Foraging and Diet I

Wednesday, August 10, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
4, Austin Convention Center
1:30 PM
The benefits of communication in honeybees depend on ecological context
Matina C. Donaldson-Matasci, University of Arizona; Anna Dornhaus, University of Arizona
1:50 PM
Cost-effective eavesdropping between competing bee species: Empirical and theoretical support
Elinor M. Lichtenberg, University of Texas; James C. Nieh, University of California, San Diego
2:10 PM
Canopy substrates influence foraging patterns in arboreal ant communities
Steve Yanoviak, University of Louisville; Natalie Clay, University of Oklahoma; Cheryl Silveri, University of Arkansas; Sophie King, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2:30 PM
Foraging strategy, community structure, and symmetry breaking in desert ants
Michele C. Lanan, University of Arizona; Anna Dornhaus, University of Arizona; Ginny M. Fitzpatrick, University of Arizona; Judith L. Bronstein, University of Arizona
2:50 PM
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
Sociality and resource use: Insights from a community of social spiders in Brazil
Jennifer Guevara, University of British Columbia; Leticia Avilés, University of British Columbia
3:40 PM
Locust cannibalism: Group dynamics and individual benefits
Gregory A. Sword, Texas A&M University; Jerome Buhl, The University of Sydney; Matthew J. Hansen, The University of Sydney; Sepideh Bazazi, Oxford University; Iain Couzin, Princeton University; Stephen J. Simpson, The University of Sydney
4:00 PM
Does being part of a group improve the survival of larval lady beetles?
Michael Moore, Gonzaga University; Charles R. Burt, Gonzaga University; Steve A. Hastings, Gonzaga University; Thomas D. Whitney, University of Kentucky; Gary C. Chang, Gonzaga University
4:20 PM
Self-aggregation in Hippodamia convergens foraging within a spatially structured  Aphis helianthi population
Miroslav Kummel, Colorado College; David Brown, Eastern Kentucky University; Alexander Tom, Colorado College; Daniel Kidney, Colorado College; Sebastian Tsocanos, Colorado College
4:40 PM
Reversing the temperature-size rule: Herbivore use dynamic thermoregulatory behaviour to alter host plant quality
Fiona J. Clissold, The University of Sydney; Nicole Coggan, The University of Sydney; Stephen J. Simpson, The University of Sydney
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