COS 22 - Climate Change: Communities II

Tuesday, August 9, 2011: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
8, Austin Convention Center
8:00 AM
Does long-term drought alter the response of soil microbial communities to moisture?
Sarah E. Evans, Michigan State University; Matthew D. Wallenstein, Colorado State University; Ingrid C. Burke, University of Wyoming
8:20 AM
Temperature cues phenological synchrony in ant-mediated seed dispersal
Robert J. Warren II, SUNY Buffalo State; Volker Bahn, Wright State University; Mark A. Bradford, Yale University
8:40 AM
Warm ants: Ant responses to warming across northeastern US forests
Shannon L. Pelini, Harvard University; Sarah E. Diamond, North Carolina State University; Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard University; Nicholas J. Gotelli, University of Vermont; Nathan J. Sanders, The University of Copenhagen; Robert R. Dunn, North Carolina State University
9:00 AM
A meta-analysis of the effects of elevated CO2 on plant-arthropod interactions highlights the importance of interacting environmental and biological variables
Emily A. Robinson, University of Guelph; Geraldine D. Ryan, University of Guelph; Jonathan A. Newman, University of Guelph
9:20 AM
Reduced precipitation dissolves apparent competition in a biocontrol system
Brandon T. Barton, University of Wisconsin-Madison
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
Crab driven tidal creek formation in sinking salt marshes
Huy D. Vu, University of Houston; Jane Buck, University of Houston; Kazimierz Wieski, University of Houston; Steven C. Pennings, University of Houston
10:10 AM
Climate change and the structure of lake food webs
Tyler D. Tunney, University of Guelph; Kevin S. McCann, University of Guelph; Brian J. Shuter, University of Toronto
10:30 AM
Temporal stability in California grasslands
Barbara M. Going, University of California, Santa Barbara; Brian L. Anacker, University of California, Davis; Susan Harrison, University of California
10:50 AM
Shrub invasion of alpine areas. An uphill battle?
Christopher Kopp, University of California, San Diego; Elsa Cleland, University of California - San Diego
11:10 AM
Surival and growth of tropical tree seedlings to simulated changes in climate along an elevation-climate gradient
Shafkat Khan, University of Georgia; Fern Lehman, University of Georgia; Jacqueline Mohan, University of Georgia
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