COS 3 - Competition I

Monday, August 8, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
4, Austin Convention Center
1:30 PM
Stochastic processes facilitating coexistence of wood-degrading fungi in microcosms
Zewei Song, University of Minnesota; Andrew Vail, Unviversity of Minnesota; Michael J. Sadowsky, University of Minnesota; Jonathan Schilling, University of Minnesota
1:50 PM
Asymmetric responses of two larval salamanders to varying competitor density in a response surface design
Thomas L. Anderson, University of Missouri; Howard H. Whiteman, Murray State University
2:10 PM
Coexistence of competing vegetation species due to self organized patchiness
Jonathan Nathan, Ben Gurion University; Jost Von Hardenberg, ISAC-CNR; Ehud Meron, Ben Gurion University
2:50 PM
The importance of phylogeny in dictating the strength of competition
David E. Jennings, University of South Florida; Jason R. Rohr, University of South Florida
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
Alternate pathways leading to the coexistence of intraguild predators—lessons from a field introduction
Bradley A. Lamphere, North Carolina State University; Diane Biederman, North Carolina State University; James F. Gilliam, North Carolina State University
3:40 PM
Competition in multispecies native communities promotes coexistence with and without invasion
Erik T. Aschehoug, North Carolina State University; Ragan M. Callaway, The University of Montana
4:00 PM
Non-consumptive effects maintain coexistence of a weaker competitor on a shared resource
Ashley E. Larsen, University of California; Andrew J. MacDonald, University of California, Santa Barbara
4:20 PM
A competitive network theory of species diversity
Stefano Allesina, University of Chicago; Jonathan M. Levine, ETH Zurich
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