COS 100 - Distributions and Range Limits

Thursday, August 11, 2011: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
18A, Austin Convention Center
8:00 AM
The value of mechanistic models for understanding species’ ranges
Leslie Ries, University of Maryland; Jessica B. Turner, West Virginia University; Karen Oberhauser, University of Minnesota; Rebecca Betalden, University of Minnesota; Thomas Mueller, Goethe University; Lisa G. Crozier, NOAA Fisheries
8:20 AM
Liebig's law meets species ranges - a new species distribution model
Brian J. McGill, University of Maine; Murray M. Humphries, McGill University
8:40 AM
Informative incongruences between niche based models and process based models
Josep M. Serra-Diaz, Arizona State University; Trevor Keenan, Harvard University; Miquel Ninyerola, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona; Francisco Lloret, CREAF-Autonomous University of Barcelona; Santiago Sabate, Universitat de Barcelona; Carlos A. Gracia, Universidad de Barcelona
9:00 AM
The role of enemies and conspicuousness in edaphic adaptation
Sharon Y. Strauss, University of California, Davis; N. Ivalu Cacho, UC Davis
9:20 AM
The role of competition in serpentine specialization in a clade of Californian mustards
N. Ivalu Cacho, UC Davis; Sharon Y. Strauss, University of California, Davis
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
Bottom-up effects of edaphics on adjacent Mojave Desert shrub communities, and the distribution of the edaphic endemic, Astragalus jaegerianus Munz
Barry A. Prigge, University of California, Los Angeles; Thomas R. Huggins, University of California Los Angeles; Rasoul Sharifi, University of California, Los Angeles; Philip W. Rundel, University of California, Los Angeles
10:30 AM
Towards a unified theory of the ecology of sociality
Leticia Avilés, University of British Columbia
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