COS 59 - Habitat Structure, Fragmentation, Connectivity

Wednesday, August 10, 2011: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
9C, Austin Convention Center
8:00 AM
Forest fragmentation impacts on multiple early regeneration components of a tropical non-pioneer tree species Tapirira mexicana (Anacardiaceae)
Anna Sugiyama, University of California, Los Angeles; Chris J. Peterson, University of Georgia
8:20 AM
Variation in movement tactics and trophic interactions among American alligators creates unexpected habitat linkages
Adam E. Rosenblatt, Florida International University; Mike R. Heithaus, Florida International University
8:40 AM
Edge effects on epiphyll cover and composition in a neotropical rainforest
Jenny M. Rempel, Stanford University; Hannah B. Lynch, Stanford University
9:00 AM
How roads affect population demography in two lizard species in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert
Kevin W. Floyd, University of Texas at El Paso; Carl S. Lieb, University of Texas at El Paso
9:20 AM
Population genetic structure of the great fruit-eating bat (Artibeus lituratus) in Atlantic forest remnants in South America
Eve S. McCulloch, Louisiana State University; Richard D. Stevens, Louisiana State University; Andrew Whitehead, UC Davis
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
Impacts of agricultural development on headwater stream temperature and connectivity in southeastern Amazonia
Marcia N. Macedo, Woods Hole Research Center; Michael T. Coe, Woods Hole Research Center; Ruth S. DeFries, Columbia University; Maria Uriarte, Columbia University; Paul A. Lefebvre, Woods Hole Research Center
10:10 AM
Fine-scale spatial genetic structure of an Amazonian herb across a fragmented landscape
Marina C. Cortes, Columbia University; Emilio M. Bruna, University of Florida; W. John Kress, Smithsonian Institution; Maria Uriarte, Columbia University
10:30 AM
Dispersal network structure shapes spatial dynamics and synchrony in an experimental metacommunity
Bronwyn Rayfield, McGill University; Andrew Gonzalez, McGill University
10:50 AM
Rising from the ashes: Determining local adapation in an endangered plant
Chris M. Bowman-Prideaux, CSU, Northridge; Paula Schiffman, Calif State University, Northridge
11:10 AM
CANCELLED - Indirect effects of a pelagic invasive zooplankton on littoral macroinvertebrate community structure in a north-temperate lake: The role of habitat-coupling
James A. Rusak, Dorset Environmental Science Centre; F. Chris Jones, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Andrew M. Paterson, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Ron Reid, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Sarah A. Sinclair, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Keith M. Somers, Ontario Ministry of the Environment; Norman D. Yan, York University
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