COS 9 - Pollination I

Monday, August 8, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
9C, Austin Convention Center
1:30 PM
Evaluating ecological mechanisms of reproductive isolation between diploid Erythronium mesochoreum (Liliaceae) and its tetraploid congener E. albidum
Kathy Roccaforte, University of Kansas; Sabrina E. Russo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Diana Pilson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1:50 PM
Correlates of autonomous self-fertilization in the annual Collinsia verna: Implications for the evolution of reproductive assurance and mixed mating
Rachel B. Spigler, Temple University; Donna W. Vogler, SUNY College at Oneonta; Susan Kalisz, University of Pittsburgh
2:10 PM
Does a shift to small flowers in annual groundcherries leave specialist pollinators behind?
Stephanie Cruz Maysonet, University of Virginia; T'ai H. Roulston, University of Virginia
2:30 PM
Scale-dependence of pollinator responses to floral resource density
Carla J. Essenberg, University of California-Riverside
2:50 PM
Effects of nectarivorous yeasts on pollinator foraging behavior and male plant fitness
Robert N. Schaeffer, Dartmouth College; Jessamyn S. Manson, University of Alberta; Rebecca E. Irwin, Dartmouth College
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
Selenium accumulation in flowers and the associated implications for ecology, evolution and fortified foods
Colin F. Quinn, Colorado State University; Christine N. Prins, Colorado State University; Elizabeth A.H. Pilon-Smits, Colorado State University
3:40 PM
Importance of wild bees in apple pollination
Mia G. Park, Cornell University; John Losey, Cornell University; Bryan Danforth, Cornell University
4:00 PM
Pollinator effectiveness and composition vary with experimental shifts in flowering time
Nicole E. Rafferty, University of Arizona; Anthony R. Ives, University of Wisconsin-Madison
4:20 PM
The effects of rangeland management strategies on pollinators
Kristen A. Baum, Oklahoma State University; Kenneth E. Wallen, Oklahoma State University
4:40 PM
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