COS 1 - Urban Ecology

Monday, August 8, 2011: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Ballroom B, Austin Convention Center
1:30 PM
Land use alters seedling recruitment patterns along an urban-rural gradient
Benjamin T. Connor Barrie, University of Michigan; Ines Ibanez, University of Michigan
1:50 PM
The patterns of urban biodiversity of terrestrial animals
Stanley H. Faeth, University of North Carolina Greensboro; Susanna Saari, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Christofer Bang, Arizona State University
2:10 PM
Raindrop: improving urban watershed awareness using mobile device technology
Timothy Carter, Butler University; Mary Miss, Mary Miss / City as Living Laboratory; Jason Steckel, Williams Creek Consulting
2:30 PM
Biomass and plant diversity of naturally colonized green roof substrate in New York City
Jason M. Aloisio, Wildlife Conservation Society; Kevin C. Matteson, University of Illinois at Chicago; Matthew I. Palmer, Columbia University; James D. Lewis, Fordham University
2:50 PM
Ecological gardening increases the aesthetic quality of gardens
Petra Lindemann-Matthies, University of Education Karlsruhe; Thomas Marty, University of Zürich
3:10 PM
4:20 PM
Lifestyles choices, socio-economic status, and vegetation dynamics in urban ecosystems:  is Raleigh, NC on a path to becoming baltimore, MD?
Kevin Bigsby, North Carolina State University; Melissa R. McHale, North Carolina State University; George Hess, NC State University; J. Morgan Grove, USDA Forest Service
4:40 PM
Estimation of biomass and diversity of earthworms within the Cleveland Metroparks and how they influence plant and soil invertebrate communities
Anton F. Schermaier, Cleveland State University; B. Michael Walton, Cleveland State University
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