PS 6 - Community Assembly and Neutral Theory

Monday, August 8, 2011: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall 3, Austin Convention Center
Extinction of large Malagasy primate species altered their community assemblage trait structure
Onja H. Razafindratsima, Rice University; Siya Mehtani, Rice University; Amy E. Dunham, Rice University
Assemblage of lichen communities on rocky shorelines of the North Woods
Matthew J. Haak, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire; Joseph J. Weirich III, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire; Christopher M. Wojan, New Mexico State University
Understanding the relative role of disturbance and species interactions in shaping Mississippi River island plant communities
James E. Moore, Christian Brothers University; Scott Franklin, University of Memphis
Plant community assembly and the role of intraspecific functional trait variability in alpine meadows
Amanda N. Henderson, University of Arizona; Benjamin W. Blonder, University of Arizona; Christine A. Lamanna, University of Maine; Lindsey L. Sloat, University of Arizona; Andrew J. Kerkhoff, Kenyon College; Brian J. Enquist, University of Arizona
The effect of scale on associational resistance and a test of the mechanism in the Asphondylia-Borrichia-Iva system
Keith H. Stokes, University of South Florida; Peter Stiling, University of South Florida
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