PS 9 - Trophic Dynamics and Interactions

Monday, August 8, 2011: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall 3, Austin Convention Center
Influence of environmental selenium on mercury bioaccumulation in stream fish of the western US
Carla R. Ralston, University of North Dakota; Spencer A. Peterson, Oregon State University; Nicholas V. Ralston, University of North Dakota
Influences of microbial loops on connectivity of food web networks
Justine E. Missik, Western Kentucky University; Albert J. Meier, Western Kentucky University; Bruce Kessler, Western Kentucky University; Stuart R. Borrett, University of North Carolina Wilmington; Meridith Bartley, Western Kentucky University
Comparison of mercury in birds at temperate, sub-Antarctic and Arctic locations
Sarah E. Schulwitz, University of North Texas; Matt M. Chumchal, Texas Christian University; Jennifer Burnham, Augustana College; Kurt Burnham, High Arctic Institute; Jeff A. Johnson, University of North Texas
Moths, ants, and pitcher-plants: Small and large-scale biogeography of a tri-trophic interaction
Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard University; Nicholas J. Gotelli, University of Vermont
Nematode diveristy in arid grasslands as indicators of change in soil biotic communities associated with desertification
Jeremy R. Klass, New Mexico State University; Jacqueline M. Trojan, New Mexico State University; Stephen H. Thomas, New Mexico State Univerisy; Debra Peters, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Examining the role of Cyanobacteria size and abundance on limiting heterotroph: Autotroph biomass ratios in eutrophic lakes
Adam J. Heathcote, Iowa State University; Christopher Filstrup, Iowa State University; Daniel Kendall, Iowa State University; John A. Downing, Iowa State University
Do mutualisms between the Argentine ant and cotton aphids structure arthropod food webs in cotton?
Katherine E. LeVan, University of California, San Diego; David A. Holway, University of California, San Diego
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