PS 30 - Urban Ecosystems

Tuesday, August 9, 2011: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall 3, Austin Convention Center
Blood parasite prevalence and health status of song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) along an urban-rural gradient in ne Pennsylvania
Jeffrey A. Stratford, Wilkes University; Andrew Bartlow, Wilkes University; Nathanial Lamoreaux, Wilkes University; Christopher Bartlow, Wilkes University; Priscella Payne, Wilkes University
Butterfly flight phenology in response to urban heat island effects
Tyson M. Wepprich, North Carolina State University; Matthew Maloley, Natural Resources Canada; Jessica E. Grealey, Natural Resource Solutions, Inc.
The influence of storm characteristics and catchment structure on particulate organic matter transport in an arid city
Nicholas A. Weller, Arizona State University; Laura Turnbull, Arizona State University; Daniel L. Childers, Arizona State University
Ecosystem services and equity: How do drinking water supply reservoirs shift local demographics?
Michael D. Youth, North Carolina State University; George Hess, NC State University; Melissa R. McHale, North Carolina State University; M. Nils Peterson, North Carolina State University
Do wastewater treatment plants cause abnormal effects in mosquitofish in the Houston bayous?
Crystal D. Watkins, Texas A&M University; Kirk O. Winemiller, Texas A&M University; Miguel Mora, Texas A&M University
Pollen and public health: A citizen science project
Tiffany S. Carey, University of Michigan; Daniel W. Katz, University of Michigan
Evaluating the impact of local and landscape scale variables on native pollinators in urban agricultural sites
Ashley B. Bennett, University of Illinois; Sarah Taylor Lovell, University of Illinois
Sex in the city: An assessment of pollination services on green roofs in Chicago
Kelly Ksiazek, Northwestern University/Chicago Botanic Garden
Dalmatian toadflax is larger and hosts fewer weevils when growing at urban sites
Anne M. Garcia, Gonzaga University; Michael D. Blackledge, Gonzaga University; Charles R. Burt, Gonzaga University; Gary C. Chang, Gonzaga University
Sustainability of urban tree planting programs: Using socioeconomic factors to predict tree mortality in urban ecosystems
Alexandra O. Torres, University of Maryland, College Park; Joe H. Sullivan, University of Maryland
Effect of pervious pavement on soil CO2 efflux, root growth and tree diameter growth
Astrid Volder, University of California -Davis; Bhavana Viswanathan, Texas A&M University; Todd W. Watson, Texas A&M University
Mediterranean geckos (Hemidactylus turcicus) in two temperate zone urban habitats
L. Brooke Stabler, University of Central Oklahoma; Whittney L. Johnson, University of Central Oklahoma; Kenneth J. Locey, Indiana University; Paul A. Stone, University of Central Oklahoma
Urban hymenoptera: Diversity and abundance in vacant lots and community gardens in Cleveland, Ohio
Klaire E. Freeman, Cleveland State University; Sarah E. Cutteridge, Cleveland State University; Thomas Pucci, Cleveland Museum of Natural History; B. Michael Walton, Cleveland State University
The impact of soil metal and water stress on leaf area in Betula populifolia: Implications for carbon modeling
Carolyn E. Haines, Montclair State University; Frank Gallagher, Rutgers University; Jason Grabosky, Rutgers University; Karina VR Schafer, Rutgers University Newark
The dynamics of water in arid cities, Part III: Stormwater-mediated transport and retention of dissolved nutrients in urban catchments: Effects of infrastructure design, catchment size, and storm characteristics
Nancy B. Grimm, Arizona State University; Daniel L. Childers, Arizona State University; Stevan Earl, Arizona State University; Rebecca L. Hale, University of Utah; Laura Turnbull, Arizona State University
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