PS 90 - Latebreaking: Physiological Ecology

Friday, August 12, 2011: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall 3, Austin Convention Center
Forest restoration in abandoned cattle pastures in Costa Rica: Leaf traits determine light dependent tradeoffs between survival and growth in native and rare rainforest tree species
Rita Malia Fincher, Samford University; Alex C. Gilman, Finca Los Nacientes; Casey Moore, Samford University; Justin T. Pynne, Samford University
Transport of dissolved CO2 in xylem sap and subsequent assimilation in Populus trees in the field
Mary Anne McGuire, University of Georgia; Jasper Bloemen, Ghent University; Doug P. Aubrey, Georgia Southern University; Kathy Steppe, Ghent University; Robert O. Teskey, University of Georgia
Linking ecologies of past and present: Fern leaf economics quantified
Casee R. Lemons, Baylor University; Daniel J. Peppe, Baylor University; Dana L. Royer, Wesleyan University; Ian J. Wright, Macquarie University; Christopher H. Lusk, University of Waikato
CANCELLED - Difference in female reproductive success between hermaphrodite and female individuals in a subdioecious shrub plant Eurva japonica Thunb.
Hui Wang, Nagoya University; Michinari Matsushita, Nagoya University; Nobuhiro Tomaru, Nagoya University; Michiko Nakagawa, Nagoya University
Shifting from mutualism to parasitism under environmental stress: Physiological evidence in symbiotic algae
Elizabeth S. McGinty, The University of Texas at Arlington; Robert F. McMahon, The University of Texas at Arlington; Ricardo Avina, The University of Texas at Arlington; Jenna N. Pieczonka, The University of Texas at Arlington; Laura D. Mydlarz, University of Texas at Arlington
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