OOS 41 - Ecosystem Services Valuation: Its Evolution, Innovative Approaches, and the Current State of the Science

Thursday, August 9, 2012: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
B116, Oregon Convention Center
Kym Rouse Campbell, ENVIRON International Corp.
Laura Moran, ENVIRON International Corp.
Kym Rouse Campbell, ENVIRON International Corp.
This session is taking place during a time of extreme interest both internationally and nationally, as well as within ESA, in valuing the protection of ecological systems and services. It will provide an overview and understanding of the evolving ecosystem services field and present innovative approaches that have been developed to quantify ecosystem services. Recent case studies will be used to demonstrate how ecosystem services valuations can be applied and integrated into decisions affecting resource management, environmental sustainability, conservation, land management and development, site remediation, and natural resource damage assessments. In addition to providing a history of ecosystem services valuation development and methodologies, recent development of policies, strategies, and solutions that utilize ecosystem services in managing both short- and long-term environmental issues will be presented in order to establish the current state of the science. This information will be used to evaluate and discuss how ecosystem services valuation could best be used to preserve, utilize, and sustain our ecosystems moving forward. The session will include the background, development, and history of the ecosystem services field, followed by presentations describing innovative and interdisciplinary approaches that have been developed to quantify ecosystem services and recent case studies demonstrating the application of these methodologies. The current state of the science will be presented to provide a platform for discussing the path forward.
8:00 AM
 Origin and evolution of ecosystem services
Joe Nicolette, ENVIRON International Corp.
9:20 AM
 An ecosystem services approach to comply with international lending standards for large international projects: The human aspect
Gretchen Greene, ENVIRON International Corp.; Greg Reub, ENVIRON International Corp.; Kimberly Toal, ENVIRON International Corp.; Stephanie Beadle, ENVIRON International Corp.
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Water quality and well-being: Valuing the impacts of changing water quality on multiple ecosystem services
Bonnie L. Keeler, Institute on the Environment; Kate A. Brauman, University of Minnesota; Steve Polasky, University of Minnesota
10:10 AM
 Improving the quality and extending the usability of an ecosystem services tool
Kristin N.D. Richardson, Oregon State University; Michael R. Guzy, Oregon State University; John G. Lambrinos, Oregon State University
10:30 AM
 What is biodiversity's role in providing ecosystem goods and services?  A data synthesis
Bradley J. Cardinale, University of Michigan; Patrick A. Venail, University of Michigan; Anita Narwani, University of Michigan
10:50 AM
 The gap between what we measure and what we want to know about ecosystem services in streams to link to human values
Paul L. Ringold, US EPA, Western Ecology Division; Matt Weber, US EPA; James Boyd, Resources for the Future
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